︎Can you imagine a sustainable thriving post-pandemic reality for artists/cultural workers?︎

The Artists' Broadsheet is a digital publication in the form of a grocery coupon broadsheet. It is populated with virtual coupons that imagine a sustainable, thriving post-pandemic reality for artists/cultural workers.

When clicked, each coupon pops-up a new window containing an artist's contribution (e.g. audio, video, image, drawing, writing, .gif, meme...) that further explores these post-pandemic possibilites.

Each artist collaborator:

1) customizes a coupon by providing certain text and a main image using the template seen here.

2) creates an original multimedia asset (e.g. song, video, 3-D image, drawing, essay, poem, story, podcast, .gif, meme, dance...anything you want).

If you are interested in being an artist collaborator,
please email us: